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I know I babble about this on almost every page of this site, but this one is even more imperative. So, here goes:

I am NOT a doctor. These are medications/vitamins that help me personally and, in some cases, have made other POTSy friends feel worse. In the same vein, medicines that affected me very poorly might work for someone else. Do not let my experiences deter or influence you without researching; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check with your doctor before you change, or try anything new.

Ok, now that that's over with, I'm going to try to remember my medications, what they are, how they helped/didn't help, etc.



What I currently take:

Metoprolol (can't remember-mg morning and night): Metoprolol is a beta blocker which helps keep my heart from racing when unnecessary. Within two days of forgetting this medication I feel terrible. I love me some Metopolol! 

Midodrine (2.5 mg 3xday): This is a vasoconstrictor which makes the diameter of my veins smaller in order to better keep my blood-pressure up.  

Multivitamin (every morning): I personally think it's vital to take this daily considering that people (with POTS especially) have a difficult time getting all the nutrients they need; and the more fuel my body has, the more energy it can produce, even if it is just a little.

Prozac (25mg 2xday): Depression runs in my family and is something I struggled with long before POTS. Tried antidepressants Zoloft and Effexor RX before trying Prozac and have been thankful to find one that helps.

Ibuprofen: I take Iboprofen when my fibromyalgia flares up to a point where it is disrupting my quality of life. I hope to write more on fibromyalgia, and my recent diagnosis, soon. 

B-6 (50 mg): This is a supplement which can be dangerous to take too much of. I had to do weeks of research on drug interactions, amount, etc., before thinking about starting it. 

Magnesium (250 mg): This is another supplement that you do not want to take too much of or else it will effect your body negatively. Weeks of research was done before implementing this into my routine. 

Salt Tablets (2 tablets 3xday): I had a hard time finding this and had to order them through my pharmacy. My doctor recommended, and I use, the brand Thermotabs.  

Hot Tea!: Hot tea does a lot for me personally. Whether it's a placebo affect, I don't know -- but research I've done has backed me up. From what I can tell, the heat helps kick start my circulation. Specifically, tea with ginger or spiced chai, herbs which supposedly promote healthy circulation, are my favorites.


What I tried but no longer take:

Provigil (100 mg 2xday): This was given to me after I did a sleep test which showed that I had not gotten REM sleep for almost a year (this was due to the antidepressant Effexor XR I had been using). It is usually given to people who suffer from narcolepsy. There have been times where my mind/body/spirit health was lined up enough that a couple days I actually forgot to take it. This gives me hope that, at some point, I won't have to rely on it anymore. (NOTE: I no longer use/need Provigil!!! I have been able to function and lead a relatively normal life without it. YAY!)

Birth Control: My hormones are freakishly unbalanced. I have used: Vitex (herb), Mircette, and YAZ. I am unsure whether hormonal birth control has been helpful, or very detrimental, to my body.

Super B-Complex: B vitamins help break down food to provide energy. I now focus on taking B-6 (see above).



Ginseng (herb): Could not see a big difference before/after taking this, so I stopped because I take enough medications as it is that I don't want one in there that isn't making a difference (from what I can see, at least).

Remeron (7.5mg as needed): Remeron is an aid to help me STAY asleep, which I no longer take now that my circadian rhythm has begun to run along a (somewhat) normal-ish routine. 

Klonopin (1mg as needed): Klonopin was an anti-anxiety medication prescribed to help me GET to sleep because my mind always raced when I went to bed. I rarely take this anymore because I have returned to a more normal-ish routine that I am able to fall asleep at some point during the night. If I do use it, it is when I am having an anxiety attack that I can't recover from mentally. 

Turmeric (herb): I read conflicting articles about how Tumeric may/may not help someone with dysautonomia.

Zoloft: Antidepressant I used throughout high-school. Eventually switched from it because it left me feeling neither highs nor lows. 

Effexor RX: Antidepressant which caused me not to have REM sleep for a year. The side-affects coming off this drug were horrendous for me.  

Valarian Root (herb): This herb is typically used to help people rest. However, in some people, it can cause the brain to become more alert. This is what I think happened to me.  


 This is, of course, always under construction!