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Getting Better?! :)

Since being diagnosed with POTS in 2007, I have seen improvements. Considering the fact that I used to be confined to bed for, literally, 20 hours a day (all of those hours spent sleeping) and now I just finished grad school and am working full time -- I feel like I can safely say I am improving. 

This, of course, doesn't mean I'm back to my old self yet. I'm still tired a lot, often need to take naps, etc., but -- what matters -- is that I am not where I used to be. This gives me hope that I can continue making the bad days easier to manage and fewer in number, while increasing my good days.

It is difficult to attribute what, exactly, has aided me in these marked improvements. I am a firm believer it has required many changes that, together, continue to fight against my dysautonomia. And I thought it would be pertinent to createa page of what these things are, and why I feel like they have helped me, in hopes they could help someone else.

So, here goes!


Learning How to Heathily Handle Stress: Yup, out of all the ones I am putting on this page, I specifically chose to list this one first. Here's why: I have talked to and heard from thousands of people with dysautonomia (or people who are concerned for their friends/family with dysautonomia) and I have discovered, what seems to be, a common attribute: We are all very sensitive/in-tune people, which often renders other people's stress/bad moods to physically wear on us. We not only tend to internalize these emotions but we also harbor a lot of stress as well as put a lot of pressure on ourselves to go above and beyond/over-acheive/etc.  

I know, personally, I used to ignore every single one of my limits and pushed myself to the max. In addition to that, I worried/stressed/perseverated about everything. I internalized it. It dominated my thoughts, my actions, the mind in the middle of the night preventing me to sleep. Everything.

To be honest, I still tend to do this a lot, but I have worked on it. It, in fact, was one of the first things I addressed when I discovered I had dysautonomia. And, let me tell you, there was a HUGE difference. 

These days I have gotten so in-tune with my body that it alerts me to my stress before I am even aware of it!

There are a number of different ways to go about learning how to heathily handle stress, your sensitivity to others, etc. It is no easy feat by any means, as you practically have to reteach yourself how to think, approach situations, and guard yourself from the inevitable stress that life brings. read a number of articles and books (which I'll list below), but what has personally helped me the most is Buddhism. 

This, of course, isn't to say what would help you. Maybe a more analytical and psychological approach to understanding stress and how you respond to it. Maybe another form of religion or God or prayer will help. Whatever it is doesn't really matter as long as you find something to help  you handle such things constructively and heathily!

(Later I will add books here that have helped me with this, or helped me learn and understand more about myself.)